Helian Polymers BV (HP) is a SME with plenty of experience in biopolymers and the focus on customer-specific application development. Since 2021 there is a sole focus on PHA. In order to provide high-quality, tailor-made PHA biopolymer solutions and application developments, HP has access to different PHA building blocks and broad expertise in compounding and transforming the PHA into end-product. With regards to the transformation, HP is experienced in different conversion processes, such as injection moulding, blown moulding, cast sheet/film extrusion, and filament spinning, among others.

Within ELLIPSE project, HP will be involved in the compounding, prototyping and validation of PHA-based bioplastics for personal care applications, as well as in mechanical recycling of PHA prototypes produced.

Although PHA is a promising material for applications where biodegradability in different environments is needed, one of the market challenges is the highly cost materials, which currently are not competitive enough compared with the standard & conventional plastics (PET, PP, PE, etc.). ELLIPSE project will address the valorization of waste streams to produce cost-effective PHBV, which will allow reducing waste, creating value for the waste streams and reducing pollution and emissions.

Helian Polymers will bring to ELLIPSE the experience in compounding/formulation/transforming PHA into end-products working with the new PHBV produced in the project, with different HV% content, which currently is not available in the market, broadening their expertise in working with innovative new PHBV building blocks, and expanding the possibilities to make new materials adopting a circular model throughout the entire value chain.