Biotrend is a research-based company specialised in the development, optimisation and scale-up of bioprocesses. We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of natural and genetically modified microorganisms as well as using a broad range of raw materials, from refined to real-life renewable raw-materials, including side-streams of existing industries, to produce a myriad of products, from biomass to chemicals, recombinant enzymes or biopolymers. Our advanced services help designing cost-competitive processes that are robust at industrially relevant scales, particularly in the area of industrial and marine biotechnology.

Within the ELLIPSE project, Biotrend will screen and select naturally PHBV producing bacterial strains, using as carbon source volatile fatty acids produced from anaerobic digestion of waste from different origins. The production process will be optimised in bioreactors in order to meet the required specifications for the polymer, set by the industrial end users for particular envisaged products. Biotrend will also collaborate in the process scale-up, in addition to the development and optimisation of a green PHBV extraction protocol.

Biotrend’s long time experience in producing PHA by bacterial fermentation will allow the production of polymers with different mechanical properties, bringing to ELLIPSE the novelty that may determine the successful implementation of a higher scale PHBV production (TRL 7), thus contributing for the valorisation of waste in addition to offering society more environmentally friendly options when compared to the conventional plastics.