Bio-mi Ltd. is an R&D-oriented SME based in Croatia, dedicated to the production of final and semifinal thermoplastic materials and products used for the production of primary and secondary packaging and agricultural products. Our main activities comprise advanced engineering of new bio-based and biodegradable sustainable solutions, and we are the first manufacturer of certified bio-based, biodegradable, and compostable thermoplastics in East and Southeast Europe.

Bio-mi Ltd. has expertise and experience in the field of processing and recycling plastic waste. Our activities aim to produce bio-based materials that would substitute fossil-based ones, thus exploring biodegradability and recyclability by evaluating the potential of biomaterials.

Within the CBE JU Ellipse project, Bio-Mi will be in charge of the development phase of different PHAs blends that will be validated and converted into mulch films. In the same task, the most promising PHA-based formulations will be compounded and validated at a demo scale, also by Bio-Mi. Besides the development, upscaling, and production of the mulch films, Bio-Mi will be involved in applying PHA-based coating on the paper substrates for packaging application. In the frame of the Ellipse project, special attention is also given to the mechanical recycling of PHA-based materials and their production, transformation, and validation into similar products.

Our expertise and experience in working with novel materials will contribute to the project, hopefully, ensuring the successful development and implementation of innovative solutions for the benefit of both the environment and society.