CARTIF is a horizontal, private and non-profit Research Institution, whose main mission is providing innovative solutions to the industry to enhance their processes, systems and products, improving their competitiveness and creating new business opportunities. CARTIF develops R&D projects financed by private companies or through public funds obtained from competitive calls at national and international level.

The Circular Economy, in addition to a global concept on which the main efforts of society are based, is one of the areas in which CARTIF has been working very hard for many years. The efforts of this area are focused on eradicate the typical linear point of view on processes (and therefore on the economy), favouring a circular approach based on promoting the zero waste concept, through the sustainable management of residual streams and by-products, as well as the Research in new product alternatives.

Within ELLIPSE  project, CARTIF will be involved in the optimisation of the acidogenic fermentation to produce VFAs by testing an innovative membrane reactor technology (AnMBR) and the treatment of liquid digestate by recovery nutrients from microalgae cultivation. CARTIF will also collaborate generating P&ID and designs for the microalgae pilot treatment prototype with a capacity to treat 500 L/day and, subsequently, will start up the plant.

CARTIF experience in anaerobic digestion process and acidogenic fermentation, in both laboratory and pilot plant, will be the base for the production optimisation of VFA from the different organic waste. For this optimisation, innovative parameters and technologies will be tested. CARTIF will also contribute its experience in the field of sustainability in the production of biofertilisers and in the development of autotrophic and heterotrophic microalgae cultivation technology. The application of novel nutrient recovery methodologies based on microalgae are aligned with the use of renewable energy as energy sources and close the loop for nutrients according a sustainable and circular economy strategy.