The University of Verona is an Italian public institution that enrolls approximately 29,000 students in fields such as life sciences, computer science, socio-economic sciences, and humanities. It also accommodates 1,400 teaching, research, and technical-administrative staff.

The participant in this project is the Department of Biotechnology, specifically the Research Group in Environmental Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses. The main research activities of this group include:

  • the production of biofuels and biochemicals through anaerobic processes from organic waste of civil/industrial/agricultural origin;
  • the development of novel biological and chemical-physical processes for wastewater treatment from the agricultural, industrial and civil sectors;
  • the investigation and optimization of chemical and biological unit operations for the production and extraction of added value bio-compounds.

Within the CBE JU Ellipse project, the University of Verona will perform the nutrients recovery from acidogenic fermentation digestate through sequential membrane processes in accordance with a zero-waste approach. The recovered nutrients will then be used for the development of biofertilizers. Initially, the process will be set-up and optimised on a laboratory scale and then the membrane technologies will be implemented at a demonstration scale.