Together with University of Verona, also CARTIF attended the 11th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management.

The Conference took place from June 19 to 22, 2024, in Rhodes, Greece. The event addressed the critical issue of sustainable solid waste management, showcasing the latest advancements in safe practices and effective technologies. By focusing on modern solid waste technologies, the conference engaged both scientists and citizens, providing them with insights into the newest developments in municipal solid waste management.

The conference emphasized the valorization prospects and products derived from solid waste, including biofuels, compost, and materials. New topics for this year included Environmental Diplomacy, solar technologies for sustainability and circularity in the energy sector, solutions and innovations for hydrogen production, efficient storage, distribution and applications, as well as methanol and other sustainable biofuels.

A key goal of the conference was to bridge the gap between applied research and industry, addressing hazardous and household hazardous waste management. Additionally, the event highlighted the circular economy across key action areas such as production, consumption, waste management, secondary raw materials, innovation, investment, and monitoring. Focus was also given to priority sectors including food waste, plastics, biomass and bio-based products, construction and demolition waste, and critical raw materials. The conference also tackled waste management issues and resource efficiency in islands and other isolated and remote areas.

Dolores Hidalgo from CARTIF participated in the conference with a poster presentation. The poster detailed the various waste streams utilized in the production of bioplastics through acidogenic fermentation, providing a comprehensive overview of this innovative project.