The main goal of of the ELLIPSE project is to valorise two different heterogeneous OW streams from the paper and the slaughterhouse industries into high-added value products, according to the waste hierarchy, specifically into PHAs suitable for personal care and agricultural applications, maximizing circularity and the efficiency in the use of resources.
ELLIPSE specific objectives:

  • To apply effective pre-treatments for heterogeneous paper and slaughterhouse waste
  • To improve the yield of VFA production in acidogenic fermentation
  • To obtain PHBV copolymers through efficient and sustainable processes
  • To obtain different PHBV grades according to the requirements of the final applications in the personal care and agricultural sectors
  • To obtain PHBV-based compounds and wet compounds and demonstrate their performance through the production of prototypes for personal care and agricultural applications
  • To validate enzymatic and chemical recycling to recover monomers that will be reincorporated into the production process
  • To recover nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous) to be used as bio-based fertilizers
  • To demonstrate environmental and socio-economic sustainability of new biobased compounds/products and guarantee the safety of the new circular bioprocesses
  • To apply/adapt mature/novel digital technologies
  • To maximize the innovation impact by contributing to the dissemination post-project
  • To determine public awareness and acceptance of bio-based polymers and to support acceptance of scalable bio-based solutions